Our Reforestation Partners

The state agencies and other accredited reforestation associations we support work tirelessly to improve planet – environmentally, culturally and aesthetically.

These partners are committed to restoring deforested and degraded lands, preserving habitats and improving communities around the world.

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Our Global Partners

The incredible power of trees


With nearly endless benefits, the importance of trees to the planet cannot be overstated. Environmentally, our forests clean our air, protect our drinking water, limit soil erosion and cool the earth. Trees also provide food, shelter, fuel and construction materials to the inhabitants of the entire planet. The world loses over 100,000 acres of its forests each day due to fires, disease, insects and mismanagement of these resources, so it’s essential to replenish the world’s trees and manage them in a sustainable way. We are proud to support our reforestation and agroforestry partners as they work to plant beneficial trees and bring life back to the Earth’s depleted forests.

The world loses over 100,000 acres of its forests every day. Help our reforestation partners replenish those losses with Treecycler.
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Helping communities prosper

In addition to many environmental benefits, trees also help the world’s communities culturally, socially and economically. By planting trees and delivering agroforestry training, our partners’ programs continually empower farmers, their families and communities to create businesses and develop pride and confidence in what they produce. By creating sustainable practices for food, fuel and shelter, these commodities are available to communities that had not had regular access to them before. Our partners help communities all over the world improve their livelihoods and bring peace and hope to some of the world’s most distressed villages. By providing the knowledge to rehabilitate and replenish their environments, the reforestation programs we support are protecting traditional cultures and changing the path of entire villages for generations to come.

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