How To Redeem a Code

Redeeming your Treecycler code easy! Simply head over to the project map to check out the available projects, find the one you want to support, enter your Treecycler code and plant your tree.

You can also learn about the different regions and project goals, view photos, watch videos and more.

Find a code


While is filled with information, we’ve built it to be as easy as possible to get around. Here are some key areas to the site.

Search the project map

The Treecycler map is filled with available projects, which extend across many continents all over the Earth. The orange pins on our map represent these projects. Click these pins to reveal the project’s name and click on the pin to read project’s description.

Select a project

The information on each project tells you exactly how planting trees in this area will impact the planet or region, so you can find the exact one you want to support. Since our projects change based on the needs of our partners, check back often to see which projects need your support.

Connect with Facebook

When you’re ready to get started, click the Facebook Connect icon to login to Treecycler and really personalize your Treecycler experience, connect with the Treecycler community, share information to your social networks and follow the progress of your planted tree.

Plant a tree!

Once you’ve researched the available projects and found the one you want to support, simply make your selection and enter your Treecycler code. Then the reforestation organization you chose will schedule the planting of your tree. It really is the easiest way to help the Earth!

Better the world!

Once planted, your tree will get started doing some pretty magical stuff, like pulling pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air, cooling the land, returning diversity to our ecosystems, all while providing things humans need like food, fuel, shelter and even ingredients for medicines, which are sustainably managed and used.

Get Involved

For your organization

Treecycler can help you extend the reach of your reforestation project and increase donations. We’re always looking for State agency and other non-profit organizations to support.

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For your brand

Increase your positive relationship with your customers and crowd-sourced your CSR by doing something important for the planet together. Connect with your customers on social and personal levels with Treecycler.

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