What Is Treecycler?

Treecycler is a fun and simple way to partner with your favorite brands to plant trees in reforestation projects around the globe.

Look for Treecycler codes on mail, products and select locations online. These codes can then be redeemed to plant trees around the world!

Plant a Tree

How Treecycler Works

An Easy Way To Give Back To The Earth


At Treecycler, a group of us had an idea that if we could offset resources that go into creating the world’s mail and packaging, we could make a difference for the planet. We founded Treecycler to turn this idea into a reality. First, we located reforestation partners in need and then brands and companies that wanted to help support our efforts. Now all we need is you. For each Treecycler code you redeem, you can plant a tree in one the many reforestation projects we support, and in doing so, you’ll help the environment and communities around the world. Treecycler is the fun and easy way to support the Earth.

Imagine if every piece of mail you receive or product you purchase could help protect and sustain the planet. That’s the idea behind Treecycler.
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One Tree At A Time


Trees have many benefits – from providing food and fuel to protecting water quality and preventing soil erosion. They also help communities improve socially, culturally and financially. By planting trees and supporting our reforestation partners, you’re giving back in so many ways and helping the planet and its communities get stronger. By redeeming your Treecycler code, you make it possible to offset the resources used in creating mail and packages and to also help our partners ensure a more sustainable and prosperous future for the Earth and all of us who inhabit it. From improving water quality, cooling the planet, supporting farmers, their families and communities, planting trees has the power to change the world. Learn all about the available projects and how planting trees will help them succeed – one tree at a time!

Get Involved

For your organization

Treecycler can help you extend the reach of your reforestation project and increase donations. We’re always looking for State agency and other non-profit organizations to support.

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For your brand

Increase your positive relationship with your customers and crowd-sourced your CSR by doing something important for the planet together. Connect with your customers on social and personal levels with Treecycler.

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